So You Bought a Shrub, Now What?

It occurs to me that people may be a little unclear about what to do with that cute little plant you just bought/received/acquired. I mean, how hard can it be? 1. Buy. 2. Take out of pot. 3. Put in the ground. 4. Watch it grow. Well, the answer is, pretty much not hard at … Continue reading So You Bought a Shrub, Now What?


First Rose Bloom of the Season

Any first blooms of the season are exciting, And somehow, roses are up there with the best of them. I have quite a few roses, some I love more than others, but Julia Child, now entering only its 4th year in my garden, is the best of the best. Her growth habit is restrained and … Continue reading First Rose Bloom of the Season


Five days and untold number of labour-hours later, the mountain of mulch is gone, and a new one has appeared. Most of the mountain has been translocated to a spot behind the carport. Here's what it looked like 5 days ago And from the other side, just to get a better perception of how much … Continue reading PATHS AND STRUCTURE AND MULCH, OH MY!

Mulches Part II

Bark vs arborist's wood chips: Again, I defer to Linda Chalker-Scott: The Myth of Pretty Mulch pretty much 😉 says it all. Using bark mulch has too many disadvantages, whereas wood chips have few. So  this: now this: As I've said in previous posts, my garden is my research field. So I'm going to try … Continue reading Mulches Part II