Pretty much every time I go into the garden I see the holes dug by hungry big cute rodents. They're turning over all that turf that I carefully dug and up-ended to "self-compost" under the wood chip mulch. And seemingly throwing around the edging bricks. They're heavy! But with at least four of them, it … Continue reading Critters


Tips for Post-Spring Clean-up

Your crocuses and daffs and tulips were lovely, but now they're just a mess. The candytuft really filled the space, but now it's all just one big mess. The early peonies were bright and bold, but now they're really a mess. What to do? Cut, cut, cut. But cut with care! Let's Start With Peonies … Continue reading Tips for Post-Spring Clean-up

Starting from Scratch? Tips for a Newbie Gardener

I just read this great beginners' tutorial on starting a garden from Houzz. This isn't for the person who is building a house and installing a garden completely from scratch, but rather for the person who looks at what they've got and has no idea where to start, or if they even want to garden at all. … Continue reading Starting from Scratch? Tips for a Newbie Gardener