Collecting Seeds Part II–Daylilies

Thanks to Sophie Cusson  for the inspiration, and numerous youtube videos  for the background of this post–Collecting Seeds Part II.

About 4 years ago I read about hybridizing your own daylilies, which sounded like something I should try. I was only reading about it at the time, and couldn’t quite figure out how this was going to happen, but I persisted, and ended up with lots of seeds that year. Stored them in the fridge until the following spring, and these are the progeny of that year and the next years’ efforts.

I carefully wrote out the names of the parents–“red spidery flower with plain yellow flower”, since I didn’t know the names of anything I owned. Or didn’t own, as in “red spidery flower with purple flower in front of bank”. And then of course neglected to save the labels with the seeds…


This is one of my favourites. I’d love to call it something…


Haven’t decided whether this is too dull–I’ll give it another year, it may yet mature to a slightly different colour


After all these years, still can’t take very good pictures of red.


The purple is a little dull, but if it’s next to some vivid yellows or oranges, might be pretty.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Definitely have to name it!


I think this is called a “spider” form, which was one of the features I was trying for.


I”m getting a little better with reds–this one really is this bright.


Did this really come from my seeds? I did buy some from a seed trader that first year…


‘Pandora’s Box’–have to admit to having actually bought it as a plant from Ontario.


Colour’s not very interesting, but the shape is amazing!

Now for some totally forgettable ones that I’ll pull out and give away–or throw away (unlike with the genetics of children, if I don’t like how the genes mixed up, I can just discard the resulting plant.)




Very dull.


Tagged for removal, altho’ the shape is sweet.


Very tagged!


Also tagged.

So that’s my seed collection post for today. Do you want to try for yourself? Pretty easy to do, and the joy of seeing something no one but God has ever seen before is VERY NEAT!

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3 thoughts on “Collecting Seeds Part II–Daylilies

    • Ah, for that you have to watch the linked video. You don’t hybridize the seed, you hybridize the plants, getting hybrid seeds. Take the pollen (on the anther) from one daylily and apply it to the pistil of another daylily.


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