5 Great Containers, Part 2–Trees

A few days ago I blogged about the client who wanted to surprise his wife with a beautiful balcony. And I showed you the first of 5 great containers. Here is the first: The Tree The main plant is of course the Japanese Maple--Acer palmatum 'Viridis'. This is one of the more sun-tolerant Japanese Maples,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Plants

I'm supposed to be posting about 5 Great Container Gardens, but I just found this website: Mike's Garden Top 5 Plants. It's an absolute Treasure Trove of information and advice about choosing plants for garden or container. Oh, and BC specific! Have a look--you won't be disappointed!

5 Great Containers, Part 1–The Plan

The Site A client has a small trapezoid-shaped balcony that he wants to beautify with containers for little cost. Specifically he wants to beautify it before his wife returns from visiting family, as a surprise! What's more, he wasn't exactly sure what she would like or not like. The balcony occupies the whole side of... Continue Reading →

Excellent Raspberry Video!

While I was researching various raspberries for a client, found this video from University of Maine Extension. Probably the clearest explanation of pruning fruits I've seen. You'll see in the video that the instructor recommends growing your raspberries in a "V" shape, whereas in my 5 Effortless Edibles post (yesterday) I said you could grow... Continue Reading →

5 Effortless Edibles

Every garden design should include some fruits and vegetables. Here's 5 "effortless" (OK, maybe a little effort) fruits and vegetables that will stimulate your appetite for more. This isn't an exhaustive tutorial on growing these 5, you can find out more details online. But it is enough to actually succeed! 1. Garlic. Who doesn't love garlic?... Continue Reading →

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