Excellent Raspberry Video!


While I was researching various raspberries for a client, found this video from University of Maine Extension. Probably the clearest explanation of pruning fruits I’ve seen. You’ll see in the video that the instructor recommends growing your raspberries in a “V” shape, whereas in my 5 Effortless Edibles post (yesterday) I said you could grow your raspberries against a sunny fence. Just modify the instructions so your “V” is just angling in one direction. That’s what I’m doing.

If you’d like to try them in a pot, why not use one of the larger tomato cages as your trellis? tomato-cage-015Or a wooden lattice trellis that’s used for climbing plants:trellis

Enjoy your raspberries, and let us all know how you’re doing!

2 thoughts on “Excellent Raspberry Video!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing that video – it’s so informative. I bought my first 10 raspberry canes earlier this year – Glen Ample and although I’ve already lost one (still not sure why), at least I know now what to do with the spent fruiting canes. I really like your idea of using a trellis. Unfortunately I put my canes in a row as I just thought that was the only way to grow them at the time – now I know different! Is it possible to move the canes in winter to a new site?


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