Winter is the time to plan your next spring's garden. But on Dec 22, it's just too late in the year--too close to Christmas/New Year/shopping, baking, partying--to post design ideas for spring. So instead, enjoy this short video I captured last June--you can see my neighbour's Garage Sale in the background! Merry Christmas everyone.

More About Hummingbirds

More About Hummingbirds You already know by now that I've become obsessed with hummingbirds. And that I want to share/infect others with this obsession. So I thought all you apartment dwellers should not be hindered from enjoying hummingbirds by planting hummingbird-friendly flowers, and hanging hummingbird feeders -- just because you don't have a yard. But... Continue Reading →

5 Herbs That Thrive in Winter

A BIG disclaimer to start with: I live in coastal BC, Zone 7b to 8b (depending on your micro-climate). So we have a big advantage when it comes to herbs--most common herbs will survive, even thrive through our rainy but seldom frosty winters (today notwithstanding). 1. Basil I'll start with basil, because it's a favourite,... Continue Reading →

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