How to Re-Bloom Your Christmas Flowers–Or Not!

Have you still got some Christmas flowers hanging around that you'd like to try to salvage? Poinsettias, Paper Whites, Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis--all greenhouse-grown in such a way that they will flower over the Christmas period. But what can you do to make that happen again, or to keep them blooming? In most cases, the answer... Continue Reading →

Mulch Volcanos or How Not to Plant Trees

It seems a lot of people and/or landscapers are under the misapprehension that when it comes to soil, more is better.┬áThis is not always the case. This volcano of soil is doing a couple of bad things to this poor rhodo. Firstly, stems and trunks should never be buried like this. You'll see more of... Continue Reading →

How to Design a Wildlife Garden

"If You Build It They Will Come" First of all, why should you bother with a "wildlife garden"? Providing habitat for native critters will not only benefit them, but you as well. The more diversity you have in your garden the more you'll appreciate it and get out into it. Which as you know from... Continue Reading →

5 Things About Mulch–Again

I just have to say another word (or many) about MULCH. I spent the last few days in the Fall downtown at a ┬áconference (Istoria), and walked around near the waterfront during the lengthy breaks. And saw some pretty MISERABLE looking planting spots at some of the most beautiful office towers. I wish I'd taken... Continue Reading →

Rain Gardens–Part 1

Rain Gardens--Part 1 I've been reading up on Rain Gardens--timely, in view of the amount of rain we've had here in coastal BC the last two days! A Rain Garden is a planted area designed to collect and gradually discharge storm water back into the ground. The areas from which storm water is collected include... Continue Reading →

Fight Depression–Plant a Bulb

This is my first post of 2014, and it should be an inspiring, content-rich essay. But that will have to wait. For now I'll refer you to another blogger's wise words: I'm sure we've all heard some reference to gardening being healthy and restorative. Here's a short post worth reading: Serenity In the Garden

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