Further to “Pergolas and Arbours”

I saw a couple of pictures that illustrate well the concept of complementing your garden structure with the personality of your house/site. First is this one: You can see how the redwood on the door is repeated in the material of the pergola, but more than that, the rough nature of the rock garden/water feature (can't tell … Continue reading Further to “Pergolas and Arbours”


Is This YOUR Time to Plant a Tree?

Is it time to plant a tree? Treekeepers is a program established recently (2013) to encourage Vancouverites and locals to plant trees. And their strategy is to almost give them away ($10 each!). Go to the website for details. According to  Steve Whysall in his column (Mar 24, 2014), the city of Vancouver planted 10,000 trees (just in Vancouver) … Continue reading Is This YOUR Time to Plant a Tree?

A How-To on Pergolas and Arbours (or Arbors)

A How-To on Pergolas and Arbours (or Arbors) I've been trying to get the definitive answer to "What's the difference between a arbour and a pergola?" There is no definitive answer. The moment you think you've found one, some other word-police will dispute it. So here's MY definition: an arbour is a small archway supporting … Continue reading A How-To on Pergolas and Arbours (or Arbors)

5 Favourite Hedges

Favourite Things--Hedges I'm not generally a big fan of closing in a property with ultra-privacy screening. Tall fences, dense cedars and laurels--as we've seen before, they just say "KEEP OUT". I prefer the "come on in and have a look" style of garden design. Having said that, hedging isn't always a bad thing even for … Continue reading 5 Favourite Hedges

Window Sill Herbs

I subscribe to quite a few gardening and design blogs, one of my favourite being Northwest Edible LIfe. Today's guest author on Erica's blog is Grace Hensley of eTilth.com, who vegetable-gardens in 150 sq ft of space, which is just about how much room I've designated in my garden for edibles. You can go to … Continue reading Window Sill Herbs