Hanging Herb Garden

I saw this on Hometalk:   The original post was on 3 Peppers. One important thing that wasn't mentioned is lack of drainage. Clearly punching hole in the bottom of these cute pails will result in cute puddles of mud on the windowsill and floor, so I recommend not doing that. The author added rocks... Continue Reading →

Mosquito Prevention–5 Things

Mosquito Prevention--5 Things   I don't get a lot of mosquitos where I live, in fact, several of my windows don't even have screens on them. But I hate a mosquito bite as much as the next person, so I was interested  in a recent article about mosquito-repellant plants. Preventing an invasion, tho', starts with knowing... Continue Reading →

Tomato Mosaic Virus

Pretty soon I'll start writing again, but for now I'll just post this link from Doug Green's Garden, explaining what to do with this common tomato problem.

MUST SEE: A Carrot TED “Talk”

I've been fully occupied with a lot of other non-blog related things lately, so I've failed miserably to keep writing garden-design posts. Here's a temporary consolation: Linsey Pollak at TEDx Sydney.

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