Winter Containers

Winter containers I've lately been looking at Pinterest "Winter containers", and unsurprisingly, a lot of pins are containers designed by Deborah Silver, of Detroit Garden Works. She has a distinctive personal style--you can always identify her designs when you see a page of google images. Here are a few examples:   So I decided to have... Continue Reading →

Garden Coach

  When I began to plan my landscape design business, it evolved out of my desire to help my friends and colleagues to understand their own gardens better and learn how to manage the inevitable changes that come with growing things--either growing plants, or growing people. (Just as we change in our life circumstances, so... Continue Reading →

Vancouver’s “City Bird”

This article, "City hopes bird strategy will take flight", appeared in today's Vancouver Sun. Apparently Vancouver aims to make the area increasingly bird-friendly, and city management will tell us how to do that. Which is what I've been writing about since I started RLGS. (Sorry for all the links--better than cutting and pasting.)

Garden Fauna

Garden Fauna You'll know by now how much I love the critters (some of them, anyway--not too partial to rats, but haven't seen any lately…) that frequent my garden. I try to have a wildlife-friendly space, following the principles I've written about. It helps that across the street is a wide, wild border of shrubs... Continue Reading →

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