Rainwater Harvesting 101

I read the following brief article on Rainwater Harvesting on Rob Thibault's website, TBO's Green Landscape Systems. I asked if I could repost it here, and so here it is: Rainwater Harvesting 101 Rainwater is one of the most precious resources in the world. Fortunately here in B.C. we are gifted with an abundance! Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Bee “Arrival Sequence”

"Arrival Sequence"┬áis an expression used by some designers (not me I'm afraid, I'm far to common for that) to refer to the approach to your house--how you get there, what you see as you're getting there, and what you see and experience once you're there. That's my artsy way of introducing this bee. This is... Continue Reading →

5 Things About Water Features

"Delight-full" Water I listened to an inspiring podcast by water-feature designer Bob Dews in North Carolina. These are the notes I made (with a few editorial comments): Senses Water addresses all the senses: --Visually stimulating: our eyes catch movement, such as when we see a bird fly by, we turn to look at it. Cascades... Continue Reading →

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