Successful Veg Garden Day 19

I'm getting pretty tired of writing about vegetables--don't think I'll even mention the word until this time next year. You must be getting enough of it as well! Never worry, only three days of Boot Camp left--I guess we know why they used that analogy for these lessons. Today's topic: Growing Greens. Now I admit, … Continue reading Successful Veg Garden Day 19


Veggie Garden Day 18–Troubleshooting

We're coming down to the wire now, only 4 lessons left in Garden Tribe's veggie gardener Boot Camp. Today's topic is troubleshooting. Garden Tribe recommends you look at your crops every day so that you'll recognize when something is wrong. My problem is that I love to look every day--even more often--at the beginning of … Continue reading Veggie Garden Day 18–Troubleshooting

Veggie Tales Day 16 and 17

The reason I've grouped Boot Camp Day 16 (Seed-Starting) and Day 17 (Seedling Transplanting) together is because I wrote about seed starting already on Day 14, and besides, they're pretty closely related. So a quick review: if you're sowing outdoors, make sure the seeds stay moist. That's pretty much it. If you're sowing indoors, you need … Continue reading Veggie Tales Day 16 and 17

Good-Looking Veggie Starts–Day 15

So you've decided that some of your crop is going to come from starts that you buy or otherwise acquire. How do you know what to look for? This isn't rocket science, (Plant scientists might dispute my dismissal) and Garden Tribe's lesson covers pretty much everything you need to know. Probably the best advice I … Continue reading Good-Looking Veggie Starts–Day 15

Veggie Tales Day 14

Two thirds through Garden Tribes' Boot Camp for Veggie gardeners. Today's topic--finally we're getting to the fun stuff--Seeds and Seedlings! Do you need to start your plants from seed, or do you need to buy seedlings, or "starts" from the nursery? For some vegetables the answer is easy, as we read on Day 4. Carrots … Continue reading Veggie Tales Day 14