SketchUp Pergola


Very soon there will be a rush mat covering the concrete pad, and “conversation” furniture facing into the centre.


I knew I wanted this pergola to be simple, streamlined, and strong enough to carry the weight of the swing, even if the swing had adults on it.

Designing it with SketchUp turned out to be quite successful, but I had to know what I was going to do before I did it. So Max (4 Elements Gardens) and I decided on 6×6″ posts and beams and brackets, and 2×2″ cross slats.

harvey st pergola

SketchUp model

This gave me the ability to create a perfect arc and then measure each cross slat precisely,  making the cutting relatively easy. This image doesn’t show all the measurements, because with them all there, the image looks just a little busy!

Using SketchUP to design the pergola really simplified measurements.

Using SketchUP to design the pergola really simplified measurements.

Looking forward to designing more pergolas with SketchUp.

6 thoughts on “SketchUp Pergola

  1. Love this design!! It would fit perfectly for my unique backyard patio set up.

    Would you be willing to sell the design/measurements so I could use that as a reference point for mocking up my own for my backyard space?


    • Sorry spencertjackson, I can’t sell you the design. But I can tell you that the dimensions are: posts 8′, 8″x8″; side beams 10′, 8″x8″. I’m totally a SketchUp novice, so if I can draw it, anyone can.


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