More About Spring Bulbs

They put a smile on my face! That's the main thing I can say about spring bulbs--i.e. the ones that you plant in the fall and they emerge in the spring--even late winter.   Stay tuned for more design suggestions using spring bulbs...

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom I have never tried to force bulbs so this advice, cribbed from various websites, is as much for me as for you. I'm going to try some tulips, daffs, crocus and iris, maybe fritillary, and post my progress. Most spring-flowering bulbs need to be chilled for a prolonged period before... Continue Reading →

Garden Trends

Trends The 2016 Garden Trends Report is out, and in my inbox, so I'll give you their forecast of what to expect in the gardening world over this next year or so. I'll leave out the inevitable "more technology", since it doesn't take a mystic to predict that... Connecting with nature for your health People... Continue Reading →

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