Mid-Winter Blooms

On the infrequent dry winter days here on the Wet Coast, I have to go outside to see what's new in the garden. When you're planning your garden makeover, be sure to include winter-interest items.  


Re-Designing Your Garden

Apparently I'm not the only blogger starting the year by focussing on design rather than various plants and techniques. These three sources were in my inbox since Jan 1: Challenge Design Your Dream Yard is a 6-day challenge with Garden Tribe and Billy Goodnick to help you identify what you want from your garden, and how to get there. … Continue reading Re-Designing Your Garden

Gabions in the Garden

Gabion wire mesh cages for residential landscaping Gabions are boxes made of wire. They hold all manner of materials, but mostly rock of some description. They  usually serve as retaining walls or dividers/fences. And up until recently I found them extremely utilitarian, dull, and pretty ugly. OK for a highway project, but totally unsuitable for … Continue reading Gabions in the Garden

Garden Makeover

GARDEN MAKEOVER A timely article from Lee Valley, Garden Makeover 101,  was published right when I've decided to write more on design than on individual plants or techniques. So thanks Lee Valley, and author Frank Kershaw! A few days ago I wrote on starting with your viewpoint: where is it, what do you see, what do you want … Continue reading Garden Makeover