Re-Designing Your Garden

Apparently I’m not the only blogger starting the year by focussing on design rather than various plants and techniques. These three sources were in my inbox since Jan 1:


Design Your Dream Yard is a 6-day challenge with Garden Tribe and Billy Goodnick to help you identify what you want from your garden, and how to get there.

It’s pretty simplistic, IMO, but it does go a long way toward preventing the most egregious errors, not least of which is starting the process at the nursery. Always DANGEROUS!


And speaking of egregious errors, saw this today: 10 Landscape Blunders and How to Avoid Them.

Now this sounds like the author, Don Engebretson, is teaching from the negative standpoint–don’t do this, don’t do that–but happily, each negative problem is balanced by the positive solution. Like why this picture is really awful!




And the third is Landscape Design Principles for Residential Gardens.

The title sounds a little heavy, and indeed, it does start off pretty “weighty” with “01: Obey the Law of Significant Enclosure”. Hmmm. But stick with it and you’ll find the principles more practical than theoretical. You’ll catch on quickly.

I’m going to collate the various elements that I think are most important to the home gardener looking to make changes to the structure and layout of their garden. So stay tuned…

Would love to hear your comments. Go to Client Site Analysis page for design help.

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