Monkey Puzzle Trees

Last Fall I drove by this house several times on my way to a project, so had a chance to observe it fairly closely. The reason it caught my eye was because my project was also on quite a slope, and also had concrete retaining walls that I needed to beautify. At the time I... Continue Reading →

Wilderness Rant

I don't remember if I've ranted about this in these pages, but it's about the "wilderness" across the street. Up until last summer, the warehouse that fills the block across the street was bordered by 25 feet x 813 feet of trees and shrubs. Much of it was cotoneaster and vine maple and blackberry, but... Continue Reading →

When Your Garden Surprises You

Yesterday we had a light sprinkling of rain, so I went out ┬álater with my phone to see what I could see. And I was pretty surprised at what I did see. I'm always encouraging people to look at their gardens with fresh eyes, often with camera/phone in hand. And I do that myself. But... Continue Reading →

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