Designing a Pond

Lessons Learned I love almost everything about my little pond (about 10' x 7') but I certainly didn't build it perfectly. There's probably a reason people make their living creating ponds for people who can't do it themselves... Mosquitos Latest lesson is about water movement. Guess what? The movement of 1000 G per hour at … Continue reading Designing a Pond


Garden Tour–Oh Yay!

I'm doing this from my phone because my computer is at the Apple hospital. FOR A WEEK! So yesterday was the garden tour I "accidentally" agreed to participate in. Turned out to be excellent incentive to do a lot of things I'd been procrastinating all season. And then some. I created vegetable cages, transplanted shrubs … Continue reading Garden Tour–Oh Yay!

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day–the Ides of July

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day--the Ides of July May Dreams Gardens¬†hosts a monthly blogger's party called--you may have guessed it--Garden Blogger's Bloom Day (Oh and btw my keyboard has had a little too much spilled tea so the period and comma aren't working) I don't know if one has to be invited to join the party … Continue reading Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day–the Ides of July