Best Links Part 1

Totally unrelated picture of autumn foliage–just to have an image for Google to catch!

“Link Love”

I have a tendency to leave a ridiculous number of tabs open on my browser. I really can’t be bothered keeping bookmarks, is that even done anymore? I’ll pin relevant things to my many Pinterest boards, but some things just don’t fit, or don’t have a “pinable” picture.

So I’ve decided to to use this space to solve my problem. One of my favourite bloggers (Knitted Bliss) does a regular Friday “Link Love” post, wherein she links to her favourite posts of the previous week. (Since discovered that it’s not a unique concept…) I wouldn’t remotely have the discipline to do this every week, so instead I’m just going to weed out the best of the multitudes of pages when the browser gets too unwieldy. Or frozen. Then all I have to do is follow my “link love” tag to find the pages I want to review. Here goes:

First of all the link that started  me off: What To Do With Pears. It’s totally inspired me to plant a pear tree. I didn’t think I even liked pears that much, but the idea of Pear and Ginger Preserves is too seductive to resist. What kind of pear tree?

Then there’s Erin at Floret, and her quick tutorials on growing all the flowers you’ve ever wanted to grow. For me this year it’s Dahlias, Cosmos, Sweet Peas. (Oh yeah, now I have to close the page or I’ve defeated the purpose.)

There’s always recipe pages that I can’t bear to close yet even if I’ve already pinned them.  If you still have some squash from your fall harvest, have a look at this Squash Toast with Smokey Onion Jam. (I only had 6 squash in total, long gone of course, so I’ll be buying squash for this. And my onions didn’t cure that well, so they’re gone as well.) Close page.

Moving on to design wisdom, Garden Design often has very useable articles. I’ve referenced them from time to time in these pages. “Top Advice for Designing Your Garden” really has several basic but maybe not-very-well understood recommendations.

E-Garden Go–another blogger I love to follow–has lovely plant pics and combinations–really, their main purpose is to demonstrate plant combinations. Having just heard a conference speaker advocate restrained plant palettes, “3 Good Reasons to Consider a Limited Plant Palette” was a timely mot.

Pics: Not only the pics themselves, but the name: Deerlymissed. 

Winter: le Jardinet.

GMOs: Genetic Literacy Project

Beautiful Classic Gardens: Thenford House, and then this truly brilliant site that not only shows the garden, but the plants and their various blooming times!–Morton Hall Gardens

Cheese: A short history of cheese making, and on Instragram: Cheese by Numbers

Deer Lake Park Burnaby