More Mulch Madness

More Mulch Madness My readers will remember last year’s posts on wood chips mulch. I called a local tree service and asked for a truck load of wood chips fresh from the chipper. And this is what I got: It’s now 16 months later, and my pathways have composted down to almost nothing, and all the garden beds… Continue Reading →

5 Things About Mulch–Again

I just have to say another word (or many) about MULCH. I spent the last few days in the Fall downtown at a  conference (Istoria), and walked around near the waterfront during the lengthy breaks. And saw some pretty MISERABLE looking planting spots at some of the most beautiful office towers. I wish I’d taken… Continue Reading →


Five days and untold number of labour-hours later, the mountain of mulch is gone, and a new one has appeared. Most of the mountain has been translocated to a spot behind the carport. Here’s what it looked like 5 days ago And from the other side, just to get a better perception of how much… Continue Reading →

Mulches Part II

Bark vs arborist’s wood chips: Again, I defer to Linda Chalker-Scott: The Myth of Pretty Mulch pretty much 😉 says it all. Using bark mulch has too many disadvantages, whereas wood chips have few. So  this: …is now this: As I’ve said in previous posts, my garden is my research field. So I’m going to try… Continue Reading →

Dull Day in Feb

It’s almost always a dull day in Feb, but unlike many “northern” places, and unlike last year, this dull Monday is mild, as has been the whole winter season. Hence, spring-ish garden pics–same plants I show you most years!: You can imagine how adaptable Sarcococca is: it’s growing in never-amended soil, between concrete and asphalt,… Continue Reading →

How to Prune Ornamental Grasses

How To–Ornamental Grasses I wanted to post this several weeks ago, but then we had another dump of snow (haven’t heard the stats, but more snow this winter than I’ve experienced in my many years here on the Wet Coast!) But it’s now seasonably warm, the ice all gone and most of the snow, so I got… Continue Reading →

Spring Weed Management

Here I am again not writing my own post, but linking to someone else’s. But why re-invent the wheel right? If another writer did a good job, I’m happy to lead you to them. So today’s lesson is Weed Control Techniques thanks to Comox blogger Through Nana’s Garden Gate. I’ll just make a few editorial comments: Control with… Continue Reading →

Garden Makeover

GARDEN MAKEOVER A timely article from Lee Valley, Garden Makeover 101,  was published right when I’ve decided to write more on design than on individual plants or techniques. So thanks Lee Valley, and author Frank Kershaw! A few days ago I wrote on starting with your viewpoint: where is it, what do you see, what do you want… Continue Reading →

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