Design a Wildlife Garden–Instalment Last

Design Your Wildlife Garden We’ve had an overview of the Wildlife Garden with “How to Design the Wildlife Garden”. That covered a lot about Birds. Next were a bunch more B’s–Planning Your Wildlife Garden—Bees, Butterflies, Beneficials. Finally, let’s look at ponds and bogs. I’ve linked to NatureScape BC several times, and this is no exception: here’s… Continue Reading →

Planning Your Wildlife Garden (cont’d.)

Last month I covered the basics of planning your wildlife garden: Water. Food. Shelter. Don’t use pesticides. Do plant some natives ( is a great resource)–here’s a short list of natives for various garden sites. Include a wide variety of plants–flowers, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses, but enough of all to actually make a statement…. Continue Reading →

How to Design a Wildlife Garden

“If You Build It They Will Come” First of all, why should you bother with a “wildlife garden”? Providing habitat for native critters will not only benefit them, but you as well. The more diversity you have in your garden the more you’ll appreciate it and get out into it. Which as you know from… Continue Reading →

Garden Fauna

Garden Fauna You’ll know by now how much I love the critters (some of them, anyway–not too partial to rats, but haven’t seen any lately…) that frequent my garden. I try to have a wildlife-friendly space, following the principles I’ve written about. It helps that across the street is a wide, wild border of shrubs… Continue Reading →

Evolution of the Pond

This project started with last year’s chafer beetle damage. Initially I thought I’d take out the grass and plant a native/wildlife garden with three birch trees front-and-centre. For some heretofore unclear reasoning, I decided on a pond instead. So I waited for spring, and then started to rip out the grass. Literally “rip” it out;… Continue Reading →

Is This YOUR Time to Plant a Tree?

Is it time to plant a tree? Treekeepers is a program established recently (2013) to encourage Vancouverites and locals to plant trees. And their strategy is to almost give them away ($10 each!). Go to the website for details. According to  Steve Whysall in his column (Mar 24, 2014), the city of Vancouver planted 10,000 trees (just in Vancouver)… Continue Reading →


Real Life Garden Solutions—Garden Design, Garden Coach REAL LIFE GARDEN SOLUTIONS — a design service meeting the needs of a wide variety of homes and families, from contemporary new homes to traditional older homes, patio/balcony design (including creating container gardens), as well as garden coaching for those who just want a little assistance. Specialties include… Continue Reading →

Ornamental Grass Wreaths

Ornamental Grass Wreaths For all you crafty people out there who also have ornamental grasses in your garden, I suggest you craft some wreaths or swags with the flowers/seed heads of your grasses. Do a Pinterest search for Wreaths Ornamental Grasses to get an idea of what to do with these: Or Or any of your… Continue Reading →

Update on Forced Bulbs

Update on forced bulbs: Back on Sept 17, I started my first attempt to force spring bulbs for winter blooms. By late Nov., they’d begun to sprout, and since it was cold enough outside, they came out of the fridge, freeing up food space, and went out on the back porch. I’m pleased to be able… Continue Reading →

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