Child Friendly Garden Design–6 Things

Child friendly Garden Design Yesterday I was out recruiting clients and a homeowner asked me if I could design something that would be suitable for her kids. Bien Sur! I said--easiest thing ever. All you have to do is think of the things that kids love to do, and make sure your yard has that. What... Continue Reading →

MUST SEE: A Carrot TED “Talk”

I've been fully occupied with a lot of other non-blog related things lately, so I've failed miserably to keep writing garden-design posts. Here's a temporary consolation: Linsey Pollak at TEDx Sydney.

NOT Low Maintenance Gardens

I DON'T  want a low-maintenance garden. This morning I went out and wandered around, and there wasn't much to do, so I looked at blossoms, cut a few for a bouquet, watered some plants I recently transplanted, and then came inside. Later I went out again, still not much to do, so I fixed the hose,... Continue Reading →

It’s Worse than That…

I couldn't resist this. Yes, too bad for the plants that Garden on the Edge lost to severe Eastern winter. But keep reading through to the end, and watch the youtube video. Incidentally, as I often remind you, click on "like" or "follow" to get more of my pearls of wisdom. Or silly links.

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