Propagating Your Favourite Shrubs

I read an article the other day about propagating shrubs from  softwood cuttings, which inspired me to have a go. I have two Sambucus nigras-- a 'Black Lace' and a 'Black Beauty'. The 'Black Beauty' has been wonderful--dark foliage, a lovely shape, and beautiful umbrella-like pink flowers in the late spring. 'Black Lace' should be the … Continue reading Propagating Your Favourite Shrubs


Great Gardening Books

Oh dear, I fell like RLGS is turning into an Ad Agency. Today I got an e-newsletter from North Coast Gardening about some Kindle books that Amazon has on sale. So of course I checked them out, and within a minute I was the proud owner of another Tracy DiSabato-Aust book, "The Well-Tended Perennial Garden".  I already … Continue reading Great Gardening Books

“Details” Pinterest Board

    I've been adding to  a new Pinterest Board I've called "Details"--pictures I've taken on my walks of interesting gardens or garden features. E.g. above is a picture of a tall narrow house on a very narrow lot with a Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Green Arrow'. I like the fit, the look, and the balance with the … Continue reading “Details” Pinterest Board

Retro-Fit Garden Rooms

Retro-Fit Garden Rooms "The way you view a garden is basically the route your eyes take as you look at it. If you try to take in the whole garden with one glance, chances are it’s going to be quite boring. Ideally, you want to be able to go from one point of interest to … Continue reading Retro-Fit Garden Rooms

A How-To on Pergolas and Arbours (or Arbors)

A How-To on Pergolas and Arbours (or Arbors) I've been trying to get the definitive answer to "What's the difference between a arbour and a pergola?" There is no definitive answer. The moment you think you've found one, some other word-police will dispute it. So here's MY definition: an arbour is a small archway supporting … Continue reading A How-To on Pergolas and Arbours (or Arbors)