Best Links Part 2

This was going to be a regular feature– I didn’t mean it to be an biennial feature! Washing birch trees??? How much time do you spend outside? “The science has shown that, although we think we like nature, we undervalue how much it helps us—how good it makes us feel.” Soil is a living breathing… Continue Reading →

Garden Tour–Oh Yay!

I’m doing this from my phone because my computer is at the Apple hospital. FOR A WEEK! So yesterday was the garden tour I “accidentally” agreed to participate in. Turned out to be excellent incentive to do a lot of things I’d been procrastinating all season. And then some. I created vegetable cages, transplanted shrubs… Continue Reading →

Winter Planter

This client’s front garden was designed to have a large planter in the centre of a flagstone spiral. But finding the right container took us longer than anticipated, and in the meantime she saw a winter-decorated planter that she loved. So this is what we created, using the original planting plan, modified. Ingredients: Bowl shaped… Continue Reading →

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom I have never tried to force bulbs so this advice, cribbed from various websites, is as much for me as for you. I’m going to try some tulips, daffs, crocus and iris, maybe fritillary, and post my progress. Most spring-flowering bulbs need to be chilled for a prolonged period before… Continue Reading →

Garden Trends

Trends The 2016 Garden Trends Report is out, and in my inbox, so I’ll give you their forecast of what to expect in the gardening world over this next year or so. I’ll leave out the inevitable “more technology”, since it doesn’t take a mystic to predict that… Connecting with nature for your health People… Continue Reading →


500 s.f. Of Fun Maple Ridge Ornamental grasses are among my favourite garden plants: East Side (Hastings-Sunrise) Vancouver With a lot of chafer beetle/crow and racoon damage the clients wanted to remove lawn and replace it with manageable (aka “low-maintenance”) plantings incorporating some grade changes They had taken pictures of various neighbourhood gardens that were… Continue Reading →

Plant Combinations

Plant Combinations This is not an exhaustive treatment on the topic of plant combinations, but I happened to notice two serendipitous colour combinations in my own garden (serendipitous, because I assure you, it was not intentional) that I thought were worth sharing. And then expanding upon. Here are the two that pushed my creative buttons:… Continue Reading →

Day 21 of Your Successful Vegetable Garden

Tomatoes! North America’s favourite home-grown vegetable. (Actually, it’s said it is “America’s” favourite home-grown vegetable, but I’m sure Canadians are as keen on home-grown toms as Americans.) Garden Tribe’s final day of Boot Camp focuses on tomatoes, and what a great ending (and how great that it’s ending!). And isn’t this a brilliant line: Some gardeners are… Continue Reading →

Veggie Tales Day 20

Herb Gardens. Boot Camp is almost done, and growing herbs is definitely the easiest way of getting going with your edible garden. I’ve written often about herbs,  so I won’t re-hash everything here. A few quick notes: 1. Most of our popular herbs originate in the Mediterranean, so they like sunny exposures, but most, with the… Continue Reading →

Vegetable Garden: Understanding Soil

Day 9 of Garden Tribes’ Boot Camp for novice gardens. Today it’s all about soil–what it is, what it isn’t, and how you make it work for you and your harvest. Before going any further you should know that if you are in a newly constructed house, the “material” surrounding the house may bear little resemblance to soil…. Continue Reading →

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