Dull Day in Feb

It’s almost always a dull day in Feb, but unlike many “northern” places, and unlike last year, this dull Monday is mild, as has been the whole winter season. Hence, spring-ish garden pics–same plants I show you most years!: You … Continue reading

How to Prune Ornamental Grasses

How To–Ornamental Grasses I wanted¬†to post this several weeks ago, but then we had another dump of snow (haven’t heard the stats, but more snow this winter than I’ve experienced in my many years here on the Wet Coast!) But … Continue reading

Garden Makeover

GARDEN MAKEOVER A¬†timely article from Lee Valley,¬†Garden Makeover 101, ¬†was published right when I’ve decided to write¬†more on design than on individual plants or techniques. So thanks Lee Valley, and author Frank Kershaw! A few days ago I wrote on … Continue reading