Window Sill Herbs

I subscribe to quite a few gardening and design blogs, one of my favourite being Northwest Edible LIfe. Today’s guest author on Erica’s blog is Grace Hensley of, who vegetable-gardens in 150 sq ft of space, which is just about how much room I’ve designated in my garden for edibles.

You can go to either or both to read the article, but I just have to highlight this one paragraph because of my absolute FAILURE at growing basil.

Not happy basil dug up from the Fall garden

Not happy basil dug up from the Fall garden

“Don’t bother with planting basil in the ground; it’s too cold here. Instead, buy one fresh $4.00 packet of basil at the grocery store. Gently snip off the bottom centimeter of each stem and the lower leaves. Put each stem in a jar of water on your windowsill, with the leaf junction below the water line, and it will form roots. Make sure to change the water at least weekly. You should be able to grow and eat that small purchase for many weeks.”

That’s definitely my plan for this year–no more guilt over sowing 6 different kinds of basil and harvesting enough for one meal. It’s grocery store basil all the way. Let’s see how well it works.

Anyone on for the contest? Comment if you’ll join me, and we’ll keep one another updated here.