Garden Tour–Oh Yay!

I’m doing this from my phone because my computer is at the Apple hospital. FOR A WEEK!

So yesterday was the garden tour I “accidentally” agreed to participate in. Turned out to be excellent incentive to do a lot of things I’d been procrastinating all season. And then some.

I created vegetable cages, transplanted shrubs and perennials from unsuccessful containers, spread more wood chips, thanks to my neighbour, got the pond water pretty clear, thanks to Empress of Dirt, and most happily, cleared out the tiny back patio that was so overshadowed with excessive vegetation you could hardly tell there was a patio there. Sorry for the Dickensian run-on sentence.

So now here are just a few more pics of flowers that were either still blooming or just started blooming.


No-name dahlia, one of my favourites ever. I never dig up the tubers but it returns reliably every year for at least 5 years now. Usually it doesn’t have a very beautiful growing habit but for some reason all my (3) dahlias are growing perfectly upright. Happy.


Another view


I usually keep plant tags, but alas, didn’t for this dahlia either


This is only about 3.5″ diameter, but almost 4′ tall


This one I do remember: ‘Caribbean Fantasy’. This dominant colours change with the ambient temperature. When it’s colder the dark colours dominate.

I’d love to add more pics, but writing this post on my phone is extremely taxing! 

I’ll post the rest of yesterday’s pics on my Instagram page– much easier than trying to navigate back and forth on this tiny device.