Garden Trends


The 2016 Garden Trends Report is out, and in my inbox, so I’ll give you their forecast of what to expect in the gardening world over this next year or so. I’ll leave out the inevitable “more technology”, since it doesn’t take a mystic to predict that…

Connecting with nature for your health

People are increasingly aware of the wellness benefits to engaging with nature. So bringing natural surroundings close to home is one way to enjoy those benefits for you and your family. Add a fruit and/or vegetable garden, create habitat for birds bees and other critters, plant shrubs and trees, especially natives (to your own area).


Instead of just planting for beauty, makers want to have a functional garden–growing hops to make their own beer or grapes to make their own wine. Plants with healing properties like calendula for soaps and salves. Marigolds and onions for botanical dyes.

Multi-sensual experiences

Water features aren’t new, but adding music from a faux rock speaker, or LED lights under the falling water increases the sensual experience.

Or how would your child like this:

led swing

See this in action: Light swing


We may not know it, but it’s possible if not probable that one of our subconscious goals in creating outdoor spaces is to re-live a childhood memory–Grandma’s flowers, Mum’s vegetable garden, the neighbour’s dog, summer holidays at the lake, that apple taste you’ve never been able to find…



Hardy Landscapes

Fewer annuals, more natives, evergreens, both broadleaf and conifers, ornamental grasses that offer multi-season–including winter–interest. Legacy gardens–planting for your children’s generation, not just your own.

Appreciating our (apparently) dwindling supply of water makes us ever more mindful of conserving it in our gardens. Sprinklers will become scarce as hens’ teeth (so to speak) and drip irrigation the norm.


This is a big one, as the Report says 65% of US households own a pet (I imagine it’s a similar percentage in Canada). Toxin free spaces for dogs to run and explore are increasingly in demand as pet owners invest more and more (financially and emothionally) in their pets.

Photo Credit  Pet Plan

Photo Credit Pet Plan

Tiny gardens

Container vegetable gardens, hanging strawberry baskets, espalier fruit trees–a lot can be done in small space.

Photo credit Vintage Garden Gal

Photo credit Vintage Garden Gal