Garden Fauna

Garden Fauna

You’ll know by now how much I love the critters (some of them, anyway–not too partial to rats, but haven’t seen any lately‚Ķ) that frequent my garden. I try to have a wildlife-friendly space, following the principles I’ve written about. It helps that across the street is a wide, wild border of shrubs and trees providing lots of nesting/shelter habitat.

So you’ll forgive me for getting a little obsessed with taking pictures and vids of my local avian friends, and for making you party to the obsession.

All of a sudden, boy hummingbirds are visiting and girl hummingbirds are nowhere to be seen. Anyone know why? This one below much think he’s a dog!

These birds don’t really need my feeders since there’s a lot of seeds and bugs around in the winter here. But by putting the feeders up I get to appreciate them, and am increasingly inspired to make my garden as fauna-friendly as possible.