New Designs

New Designs

These designs haven’t been completely installed yet, so I don’t have “gardens” to show you.  But here’s a starter to “whet your appetite”.

Forest ave

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This is a new site, corner, traditional looking house, black and charcoal grey, almost symmetrical. It’s on a slope, with a retaining wall about 50″ high across the back (top of the picture). I decided on a raised bed design, which is what the “W’s” are.

Blog pic

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This is a SketchUp model of the raised beds. Poured in place concrete with benches built-in.

Next is a simple square backyard that the clients wanted to keep fairly square-looking, mainly turf, leaving room to install a lap pool next year.

Philips ave

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I’m getting a bit better at colour rendering:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s been difficult to discipline myself to get my projects completed earlier than later. So I end up taking pictures of the coloured design instead of getting it scanned before presenting it to the client. raynes arbour


SketchUp model of a little arbour/fence combination for the back. And Layout has these cool style options. In this case pastels.

So that’s it for the moment–it’s taken me all evening to figure out how to convert these pdf’s to jpg’s. More to come–stay tuned.

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