More Recent Designs

More Recent Designs


My first real Vancouver design. I’ve had clients in all the ‘burbs, so was really pleased when a contractor in (city of) Vancouver consulted me.

This house is in the final stages of completion–they were installing the kitchen as we did out final rounds. A traditional-styled house with a contemporary feel, all in cream and white. I did a formal-ish design, very recto-linear, but with softer shrub and perennial borders. the back is very simple, needing mostly turf, but with potential for a vegetable garden.

W 47th Ave

(Clearly, I have to consider spacing a little on the page more carefully so I don’t have various elements squeezed into too little space! The Legend and Scale on the one side and the plant list Key on the other…) Click to enlarge image.



I really hope that in the future I’ll get my act together early enough to be able to get the design drawn, then scanned, then coloured, then scanned again, so I can post a scan instead of a photo! (Hence the crookedness of the image toward the left…) 

If a portion of the design needs a little more clarity I’ll do a SketchUp model (very simplified) in order to communicate what the plan view can’t. In this case it was how the grade change would look with a retaining wall and steps for access, with a tiny back yard seating area (between two garages) that could easily be converted to a vegetable garden (client’s request).

w 47th ave

The arbour is designed to match the decorative brackets at the back of the house and the garage. They aren’t visible in this view. (Click to enlarge.)


A small back yard with an interesting feature–a slope! Those who know Richmond know that it’s FLAT. But on this property there is a steep slope of about 25-30º at the back end. Thus the owners “lost” about 15′ of depth, or 700 s.f. of yard. So they were having a retaining system installed–SierraScape Systems.

Rathburn Dr

The house is a very “cuboidal” style, so I contrasted it with lots of semi-circles and curves.



Need to work on colour “subtlety”!

Stay tuned for more to come. Would love to hear comments, critiques, questions…