Day 21 of Your Successful Vegetable Garden

Tomatoes! North America's favourite home-grown vegetable. (Actually, it's said it is "America's" favourite home-grown vegetable, but I'm sure Canadians are as keen on home-grown toms as Americans.) Garden Tribe's final day of Boot Camp focuses on tomatoes, and what a great ending (and how great that it's ending!). And isn't this a brilliant line: Some gardeners are … Continue reading Day 21 of Your Successful Vegetable Garden


Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

I'm running way behind on Garden Tribe's 21-Day Veggie Garden Boot Camp, so I'll try to catch up the next few days. Day 8 topic is Raised Beds--a subject dear to my heart, because I think you can make a garden look really stunning by adding different levels. Of course, beauty is not necessarily the point … Continue reading Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Day 7

Getting tired of this yet? Hope not, because today is only day 7 of Garden Tribe's 21-day Vegetable gardening Boot Camp. Today's topic is nice and simple, Container Gardening. I've written quite a few posts on container gardening, so you're probably all experts by now. Growing vegetables in containers is exactly the same process as … Continue reading Vegetable Garden Day 7

Your Successful Vegetable Garden Day 6

Its' Garden Tribe's Day 6 of 21 Day Boot Camp, and today we're going to draw out the "what" and "where" of your 2015 successful vegetable garden. This was a "square foot" garden, raised beds 4' square, so it was easy to draw. There's no trick to this, all you have to do is 1. … Continue reading Your Successful Vegetable Garden Day 6

Your Veggie Garden – Day 4

We're continuing with Garden Tribe's 21-day Boot Camp for new edible-gardeners. Today's topic: When and How to Start. Some plants like to grow in cooler weather, some in scorching hot weather. Some like to be started indoors under fluorescent lights, some prefer to germinate right where they're going to grow. It's good to know which … Continue reading Your Veggie Garden – Day 4