Spring Weed Management

Here I am again not writing my own post, but linking to someone else's. But why re-invent the wheel right? If another writer did a good job, I'm happy to lead you to them. So today's lesson is Weed Control Techniques thanks to Comox blogger Through Nana's Garden Gate. I'll just make a few editorial comments: Control with … Continue reading Spring Weed Management


Grass Solutions

Googled "Garden Solutions" (still haven't found RLGS after 17 pages :-(), and found a great Pinterest Board called "Garden Solutions". ...on which was this picture: Unfortunately the link was just to the picture instead of the article, so that's all you get here as well. But then you've also got my article, so you're all set! … Continue reading Grass Solutions

Starting from Scratch? Tips for a Newbie Gardener

I just read this great beginners' tutorial on starting a garden from Houzz. This isn't for the person who is building a house and installing a garden completely from scratch, but rather for the person who looks at what they've got and has no idea where to start, or if they even want to garden at all. … Continue reading Starting from Scratch? Tips for a Newbie Gardener